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We carry out pre-purchase inspections, condition surveys of existing properties, and measured and photographic record surveys.  All services are tailored to meet your particular requirements.


We provide advice on potential planning applications, carrying out feasibility studies and pre-planning consultations with the relevant local authority prior to submission of your proposals.


We will prepare and submit planning applications (outline planning applications, full planning applications, change of use etc), with accompanying design reports (if required). If your project involves works to, or is located within the curtilage of a protected structure, visit our conservation tab for further information on the specialist services we provide. 


We also prepare and submit fire safety certificate applications and disability access certificate applications.


Should you have particular requirements in your design brief, we also provide specialist advice on the following:


- passive house design

- suitable energy efficient and sustainable design solutions in accordance with SEAI Better Energy Homes grant schemes

- making buildings and homes accessible - designing sensitive adaptations to your home in accordance with Mobility Aids grant schemes / Housing Adaptation grant schemes.


As your project progresses we also offer services such as the preparation of tender documentation, monitoring and management of your construction project on site, RIAI opinions on compliance with planning and building control and above all, combining all of the above to deliver inventive and creative design solutions tailored to meet your project needs. 


We provide the following specialist services :


Shadow Analysis study

A shadow analysis study is a series of 3D rendered images that give accurate representation of the shadows that will be cast by your proposed development / extension and the resultant effect at selected times of the year, and is often requested by planning authorities to assess the impact of proposed developments on the surrounding structures / environment.  It is standard practice to carry this out on 21st March (Vernal / Spring equinox), 21st June (Summer solstice), 21st September (Autumn equinox) and (21st December (Winter solstice), at 9am, 12pm, 3pm and 6pm respectively, representing key periods during the year when the sun is at its highest and lowest points and will illustrate the most extreme possible effects of shadows which will be cast.


Land Registry Mapping

We also provide a Land Registry Mapping service, in accordance wtih Property Registration Authority guidelines.



We have expertise in a variety of residential building styles - from conserving your period dwelling, extending your existing home, to the design of a new contemporary home specifically tailored to meet your exact requirements.


Visit our residential tab to view our residential project portfolio.


If your project involves works to, or is located within the curtilage of a protected structure, visit our conservation tab for further information on specialist services we provide. 


We advise on specialist conservation grant schemes and compile the relevant documentation to accompany grant applications eg. Built Heritage Investment Scheme applications.  View works which were completed under the Built Heritage Jobs Leverage Scheme at James Street under a successful application by Dathanna Architecture in 2014, to conserve early 18th century historic timber windows.


We also provide commercial project services, advise on compliance with planning and building control legislation.


Visit our commercial tab for further information on the specialist services we provide. 


Under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2013 Home owners commissioning construction  work must appoint PSDP and PSCS for their projects. 


Alan Connolly of Dathanna Architecture has completed the RIAI PSDP (Project Supervisor Design Process) Accreditation, and offers this role as an additional service when projects require.  



The Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014 came into effect from 1st March 2014.  Under the new regulations, it is a requirement that the building owners appoint an assigned certifier to inspect and certify construction works.  Further information on the particulars of the role of the assigned certifier may be viewed here.


Dathanna Architecture carry out this role as an additional service to the standard package of architectural services.  We also carry out this role as a stand-alone service where required.


Dathanna Architecture have hands on experience in adapting existing structures to enable universal access, using a sensitive ergonomic approach to design.


The result is a fully adapted home, suitable for universal access, with the appropriate mobility aids integrated into the existing dwelling in a discrete, sensitive manner for all.


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