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Project updates at Dathanna

September has been quite a busy month over at Dathanna, with some exciting new projects on the cards and current projects at a variety of stages:

We are busy designing two new build side garden developments in Sandyford and Dundrum, both with very different design briefs and some unique site challenges to incorporate.

We are delighted to say that planning permission has been granted for proposed extension works at Sandyford III, with detailing to begin in earnest shortly. Similar challenges have also presented themselves on a new project at Blackrock, with surveying to commence shortly.

We have completed a tender package on M-House, with works to begin in site c. November.

Window restoration


Our Built Heritage Jobs Leverage Scheme project at James Street is nearing completion at present, thanks to all of the hard work & dedication of the joiners at Lambstongue.

A succession of photographs from the workshop are now uploaded onto the website here which give a great insight into the attention to detail taken by the joiners in splicing sections of reclaimed timber into the existing historic frames and sashes.

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