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Sandyford II
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Drumcondra I
C - House
Glass Balustrade
Glass Ballustrade
Rathfarnham 1

D A T H A N N A    A r c h i t e c t u r e

. . . .    t h e    i m p e t u s   . . . . 

DATHANNA,  plural of "dath", is the Irish translation of the word "colour".


DATHANNA Architecture reflects the diversity of work within our architectural practice - no two colours on the colour spectrum are the same; and similarly, no two architectural projects / commissions are ever the same.  


We pride ourselves in our commitment to bringing a unique and fresh insight for design, colour, ideas and expertise to the table on each and every design project.

"Raw Edges" installation in Chatsworth Sculpture Gallery, as part of the Make Yourself Comfortable

" Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful . . . "


W i l l i a m    M o r r i s    ( 1 8 3 4    -    1 8 9 6 )

residential, extension, renovation, attic conversion, interior design
residential, extension, renovation, attic conversion, interior design

"Dathanna Architecture - Professional, Personal, Creative and Committed.


We are delighted with the work that was completed as part of our house renovation.


 We immediately felt that they were committed to giving us a new fresh look to our home. They took on board our ideas whilst also adding in some creative ideas of their own that they felt would make the difference.


They built a strong relationship with the builder and this delivered a project that was on time and in budget. Thanks to Alan and Deirdre for reinventing our home (A new bright, warm and spacious home). We are delighted with the results"


Private clients - SANDYFORD II

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